Frogs and W(b)itches

The party headed downriver on a barge. One night, they tied up at an old fishing village; the kind of place where there are 30 people, they are all related, and most of them have webbed feet…yeah, its like that. Anyway, the village had just suffered some terrible attack and the people were looking for a little sympathy until an old fishwife comes out and screeches at the party, “It was about you! She came for you.!” Turns out that the Ghost Queen herself had been at the village just an hour before with her minions and killed a bunch of the villagers just so they would leave a message for the PC’s. The message was a dragon scale with a sword, bow and wand etched into. When the elven sorceress Sayorna, the human fighter with white hair, vampire bites and a strange childhood story named Zeffern, and Owen touched the scale, it glowed with an inner light, showing that those three characters, at least, had fates entwined with the Ghost Queen and her machinations. Later, just to show off, she had some of her frog men attack. One was carrying a waterproof pouch with several more clues in it…. obviously being confused, outmatched, and a little pissed off by all the theatrics, the party decided to continue to Winghaven…maybe someone there could shed some light on the subject.



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