Tassi Shadowseeker

Chaotic halfling thief - always just a bit hungry and very wary of wargs or things that go bump in the night.


STR 11 0
DEX 20 +5
CON 14 +2
INT 15 +2
WIS 16 +3
CHA 12 +1

Fortitude 4
Reflex 10/11 (traps)
Will 5

HP 36
AC 18/19(traps)
Touch Attack 15
CMD 17

Melee +10
Rapier +1 1d4 +1 18-20 x2 Backstab 2d6
Ranged +9

Acrobatics 13
Appraise 8
Bluff 6
Climb 13
Diplomacy 6
Disable Device 13
Disguise 5
Escape Artist 14
Intimidate 5
Knowledge: Dngnering 6
Knowledge: Local 7
Linguistics 7
Perception 14
Sense Motive 12
Slight of Hand 11
Stealth 18
Use Magic Device 5

Tassi is a whopping 2’8" with brown hair and black eyes. Her chaotic nature gets her into some interesting situations… such as a lucky shot backstabbing an orc sitting at the kitchen table eating pie! She has a fear of authority figures and anything big enough to eat her – which is an awful lot. But she is fiercely loyal to those who are her friends… even going so far as to jump into a pit with a huge creature (was it a giant?) to protect her Dwarven friend – yeah, she got stomped in that one.

Tassi was born in the great city of Elium. Her father, Darran, was killed while on a scouting foray in an early battle of the most recent orc incursion – the Aloysius-Grond War. Her mother, Sanni, tried her best to raise a halfling child on her own in the big city, but it was a challenge. She needed a way to support the two of them, but that left Tassi on her own for a good portion of the day. Sanni was lucky enough to find good work as a barmaid in a halfling/human bar, ‘The Wet Whistle’, and worked there for several years, but without her mother’s supervision, Tassi started running with the wrong crowd. She met up with a group of street thieves run by a human named Jansen. He ran his urchin group with an iron fist, his evil nature and demanding quotas proved difficult for the youngsters in the group, but he always provided enough food and training that his thieves stayed loyal to him. Tassi spent the nights her mother worked with Jansen and his gang, always making sure to be home and in bed before her mother got home from work.
When Tassi was 13 years old, a fire at the bar caught Sanni and several other halflings in its flames, bringing their lives to a sudden and tragic end. This left Tassi completely on her own and she took to the streets full time with Jansen’s group.
She spent the next 5 years doing petty thievery and burglary around the city, but she was losing her illusions of the grand life of a thief. She wanted to see more of the world than just dirty streets and the dark sides of humans and halflings.
Then came the evening that changed her life yet again. She was on the streets trying to find enough to satisfy Jansen with her day’s take. She had been having poor luck and thought that things were finally turning her way – a rich bloke was wandering down the dim street, looking a bit drunk to her eye. She stealthily slunk his way and reached for his pouch… only to be shocked as his hand clamped down on her slender wrist. The cry of “Thief” shattered the night and the town guard quickly surrounded the pair. Tassi could only stammer and shake as her intended victim turned out to be a respected guildmaster – she knew her life was over. Everything Jansen had told his young thieves about the town guard had been horror stories. Tassi was certain, as the guards tied her wrists together, that she was heading towards her death.
During the walk back to the guards’ headquarters, Tassi frantically worked her wrists in the rope bindings. She was lucky – she found a weak spot and managed to loosen the ropes enough to slip her hands free. She immediately dropped to the ground and rolled under the guards’ feet, startling them. She slipped into the shadows of the nearest alley and silently made her disappearance from the guards’ sight.
Tassi knew (from Jansen’s stories, of course) that the guards would never stop searching for her and that they would kill her when they finally found her. She needed to leave the city forever. She hid in the merchant’s section of town for a couple days, watching a caravan preparing to leave the city. When the time was right, she climbed on board and stuck herself into the smallest hole she could find.
It was three days before the caravan guard discovered her filching bread from the cook wagon. She was brought before the caravan master, terrified for her life, but the master took pity on her and Tassi learned her first lesson that not all Jansen’s stories were true. The master knew that dumping her on the side of the road would mean certain death in the wilderness for a city-bred girl, so he decided to drop her off in a town where he had some distant relatives – maybe they could help out this youngster he had found.
Another two weeks of travel put the caravan in Pine Hollow. Tassi had learned much from the caravan master and his crew. She had seen how good and kind people could be, when all she had suffered was five years of Jansen’s evil nature. Her eyes had been opened to the other side of world and she wanted to see more. She wasn’t interested in being fostered off to a human family in Pine Hollow – she wanted adventure and the chance to see the world. Maybe she could find a new road…

Tassi Shadowseeker

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