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Note: This campaign does not use the Pathfinder RPG world setting; the setting is a relatively small region of a much bigger world, which I will most likely never make up.

Verland is a region in the northwest corner of the continent. It was founded more than 200 hundred years ago by Axel Verland, a warlord who led his people here from more settled lands in the south.

The geography of Verland is a mix of forest and grasslands, heavy with many rivers and streams. It is bordered on the west by a vast ocean, the north by the Ice Maw Mountains, the east by the Ultek Steppes and the south by what is commonly called the Lizard Folk Delta. The caravan trail called the Home Road leads southeast to the more civilized areas.

Today, Verland is defined by a frontier spirit and a loose confederation of demi-human races fighting against the occasional but persistent Orc-Horde Wars and taming the many dangers of the wilderness.

This particular campaign begins in the Barony of Winghaven, a small, but ancient forest with many secrets south of Verland’s capital.

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