Verland Religion

Gods: I really don’t care for the Pathfinder gods for my game; they are very tied to the Pathfinder setting, many of them being regional gods for a specific country or race. I am going to make up my own, so the basic outline is below.
Gods and Names: A common belief among the sentient races of the world is that names have power. It is not as big of a deal for mortals (although nicknames, middle names and secret names are common), but immortals, gods, demons, and the fey must carefully guard their true names from their enemies. Therefore, most gods use a title that describes some primary characteristic instead of a name. It is taboo to name gods directly, and priests and the faithful will be upset if they find someone trying to decipher a god’s name. Many parables revolve around the gods trying to uncover each others true names.

The Trinity: The Father, The Mother, The Son

The Father- (Zeus, Odin)
Lawful Good- god of government, military, authority, law, institution, trade
Favored Weapon- Long sword

The Mother- (Hera, Isis)
Neutral Good- goddess of family, protection, home, farming, fertility
Favored Weapon- Mace

The Son- (Hermes, Apollo)
Chaotic Good- god of travel, humor, art, youthful rebellion
Favored Weapon- Long Bow

Worship- The Trinity is typically worshiped as a group by humans and halflings throughout civilized lands. Some regions have slightly different titles or duties, but the basic structure is universal. Churches of the Trinity are careful not to offer more favor to one god or another, but the common folk as well as individual clerics and paladins often take one of the three gods as their personal patron. It is not uncommon for a person to focus on different gods at different times of their life, praying to the Son in their youth, the Mother when they are a new parent and establishing a home, and the Father as they get older and more involved in politics or business.

Symbol- Variations of triangles and 3, 6, or 9 pointed stars. The number 3 is sacred to worshipers of the Trinity, and many people try to find examples of it in their everyday lives. Typically, the symbols show the three lines or circles (or whatever) intertwined, connected or overlapping, reflecting the belief that the gods must work together and rely on each other to be successful.

Domains- Clerics of the Trinity can choose any two non-contradictory Domains.
Not allowed: Darkness, Death, Evil
Uncommon: Air, Animal, Artifice, Destruction, Earth, Fire, Madness, Magic, Plant, Repose, Rune, Trickery, Water
Common: Chaos, Charm, Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Liberation, Luck, Nobility, Protection, Strength, Sun, Travel, War, Weather

The Trident (or Triad): The Usurper, The Dark Queen, The Seductress

The Usurper- (older son of the Father and the Mother, turned to evil because he would always be in his parent’s shadow, Satan, Loki)
Chaotic Evil- god of slaughter, hatred, vengeance, chaos
Favored Weapon- Spear

The Dark Queen- (Hecate, Lolth)
Lawful Evil- goddess of dictatorship, undead, torture, magic
Favored Weapon- Whip

The Seductress- (daughter of the Usurper and the Dark Queen, Aphrodite, Kali)
Neutral Evil- goddess of seduction, secrets, intrigue
Favored Weapon- Dagger

Worship- The Trident is worshiped in secret by humans and halflings throughout civilized lands. They are usually worshiped as a group just like (and in opposition to) the Trinity. Their followers often form small cults and work to undermine authority, commerce, and cooperation, mostly with the goals of making themselves rich or powerful.

Symbol- The trident or pitchfork, usually barbed. Followers of the Trident also hold the number three sacred, but their symbols always have the three lines or circles (or whatever) separate or parallel. This reflects the nature of the gods; united in evil intent, but not reliant on each other.

Domains- Clerics of the Trident can choose any two non-contradictory Domains.
Not allowed: Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Liberation
Uncommon: Air, Animal, Charm, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Repose, Rune, Sun, Water, Weather
Common: Artifice, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Fire, Law, Luck, Madness, Magic, Nobility, Strength, Travel, Trickery, War

Independent Gods

The Judge-
Lawful Neutral- god of law, justice, discipline, knowledge
Favored Weapon- War hammer
Symbol- Scales, Balance
Domains- Knowledge, Law, Protection, Repose, Rune, Strength
Worship- Shrines to the Judge are common in towns and cities, but few churches exist. Clerics are often solitary figures operating as judges or sheriffs.

The Wild-
Neutral- god of nature, wilderness, fertility, weather
Favored Weapon- Quarterstaff
Symbol- Tree, Green man
Domains- Air, Animal, Liberation, Plant, Sun, Water, Weather
Worship- Shrines are in the wilderness, often taking the form of sacred groves. Most priests of the Wild are druids, not clerics, but some clerics exist watching over those humans who try to live in harmony with nature.

The Trickster-
Chaotic Neutral- god of thieves, greed, illusion, deception
Favored Weapon- Short sword
Symbol- Coin, Dice, Cards
Domains- Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery
Worship- There are very few formal shrines to the Trickster. Any alehouse, brothel, or gambling house will do for worship. Many people pray to the Trickster, but he has few clerics. Those few often work with Thieves’ Guilds.

Demi-Human Gods:
Note that the Pathfinder rules say that most elves are chaotic good while most gnomes are neutral good, and yet their descriptions of the races do not match this in my opinion. I have switched them- elves aloofness and tendency to live by their rules but ignore everyone else’s leads me to a Neutral Good alignment, while gnomes are clearly defined as tricksters, wanderers, and social misfits, so I see that as Chaotic Good. The gods below reflect this.

The Greybeard- Dwarves
Lawful Good- god of dwarves, blacksmiths, miners, manufacturing
Favored Weapon- Battle Axe
Symbol- Hammer and Anvil
Domains-Artifice, Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Rune
Worship- Dwarves have many gods, but most humans only hear of the Greybeard, who is the father of all dwarves and is universally revered by them. Some humans who work deep in the mines pray to the Greybeard as well.

The Graceful Lady- Elves
Neutral Good- god of elves, hunting, art, magic, knowledge, the moon
Favored Weapon- Long sword or Long bow
Symbol- crescent moon
Domains- Air, Animal, Charm, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility
Worship- Shrines to the Graceful Lady are common in elven lands. Most clerics of the Graceful Lady are female, and the high priestess usually holds a position of authority in elven society.

The Everbright- Gnomes
Chaotic Good- god of color, light, illusion, life, change
Favored Weapon- Hook hammer
Symbol- rainbow, anything with changing form or color, kaleidoscope
Domains- Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Luck, Madness, Travel, Trickery
Worship- Gnomes all honor the Everbright, but traditional shrines and religious trappings are not common in gnomish society. Clerics of the Everbright tend to wander the world, seeking new experiences and ideas.

Verland Religion

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