Classes in Verland

Note: Base classes from the Advanced Player’s Guide are generally disallowed- they might exist as NPC’s, but normally won’t be allowed as Player Characters.


Common- The most common player-character classes are Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, and Rogue. These classes are heavily represented in all races.

Less Common-
Bard- bardic traditions exist in the human, halfling, elven, and gnome cultures. Obviously, half-elves make excellent bards as well. Dwarven bards are called Warchanters and focus on percussion and traditional war chants- they were extinct, but are making a come-back. Half-orc bards are very rare, but possible if raised in human lands.

Druid- Verland is still mostly wilderness. Although druids are not numerous, all races except dwarves and halflings are well-represented among their ranks. Dwarf and halfling druids are possible, just not common.

Paladin- Paladins are about as common in Verland as anywhere else, which is to say, not very. Most paladins in Verland are humans, although any race is possible.

Sorcerer- There are more sorcerers in Verland than wizards by far. Due to the mixed heritage of the humans of Verland, sorcerers are slightly more common among them than in other lands. Of course, gnomes, halflings, and half-elves produce a wide variety of sorcerers. Sorcerers among elves, dwarves and half-orcs are much less common, but still possible.

Wizard- Though technically there are no restrictions on wizard races, there are some cultural restrictions. Elven wizards are common and have their own traditions and methods. Dwarven wizards are extremely rare, and are almost exclusively Artificers who specialize in the making of magic items. Gnome wizards are less common than gnome sorcerers and follow odd patterns; they tend to see it as a mental exercise or a collection, and are rarely interested in or well-equipped in spell selection for general adventuring. All other races can only be wizards if they attend the Western Academy of Military and Magic Arts in Ellium and they must have Magic Missile as one of their 1st level spells.

Barbarian- There are no tribal barbarian societies in Verland. All the common races are “civilized” and share a common (although still developing) culture. Only the orcs and goblinoids produce cultural barbarians in any great numbers. However, it is possible to play a barbarian- you can describe a background in which the character is “raised by wolves” in the wilderness (which is common for many half-orc characters), or go with a character who is just naturally filled with near-homicidal rage either through upbringing (like abused as a child or raised as a slave), race (again, half-orc), or possibly the victim of a mostly-controlled mental illness. You can play one; it just won’t be as a proud member of some Viking clan or Native American-style group since they just aren’t there.

Monk- There are no eastern style monks or monasteries in Verland. Weapons such as the sai and kama simply don’t exist and can’t be easily replaced. Unarmed combat is in its infancy in Verland, taught only by a few rogue societies and fighters in the Mercenary’s Guild. The only way to play a monk is to play the ‘Cain out of Kung Fu’ monk who has come to Verland from the human lands in the south-east.

Classes in Verland

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