Verland Calendar

Verland Calendar- Year 218 from founding

There is an Imperial Calendar, Year 768 (Verland was founded in Year 550). Human history obviously goes back much further, but the Empire to the south was founded by Axel Ander the Great 768 years ago.

Length of year- 360 days, 12 months
Length of month- 30 days, 5 weeks
Length of week- 6 days

There is no traditional ‘weekend’, but one day a week is a holy day in the Trinity religion and many, if not all, businesses take that day off.

In Verland, the days are: Sonday, Mumday, Warsday, Versday, Fraday, Axelday

Mother-day (often shortened to Mumday)
War-day (usually pronounced Warsday- this came into common usage to honor those lost in all the orc-horde wars.)
Verland- day (usually shortened to Versday)
Father-day (often shortened to Fraday)
Axel-day (common name- given name of the founder of both Verland and the Empire)

The Trinity could not very well venerate one god over another, so they agreed to make the ‘holy day’ the day named after the founder of Verland, so Axelday is the usual ‘day off’. Many people, especially those who honor the Son and his free spirit (and a little bit of laziness) also try to finagle Sonday off- it is becoming more common to take one ‘2-day weekend’ a month and take off both Axelday (for worship) and Sonday (for play or festivals)

I will name the months later.

Verland Calendar

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