Verland Guilds and Taxes

Every citizen of Verland must pay taxes, even if you are a member of a different race, but you live and work in Verland. Paying individual taxes is a pain. Since no tax collector ever believes an independent is being honest, taxes tend to take the form of ‘everything you’ve got on you’. Those who refuse end up as bandit outlaws or in prison or dead.

The easiest way to avoid this is to belong to a Guild- the Guild pays taxes for all of its members at a discount rate. This arrangement puts the burden of tax-collection on the guilds themselves, which the government likes, and in the long run, paying Guild dues is cheaper and easier for the individual. Obviously, almost everyone belongs to a Guild, and guild masters have a lot of political power.

The Mercenaries Guild is the catch-all guild for sell-swords and adventures of all types. They can provide as much or as little support, equipment, training, connections, etc. as the member wants and is willing to pay for. Only the largest towns have actual Guildhalls, but every town of reasonable size has at least a contact person who can provide information and contacts in the local area.

Other guilds that are common for adventurers are the Academy Guild and the Church of the Trinity. The Academy Guild is open to any graduate of the Western Academy of Military and Magic and allows characters to train or do research. Paladins and Clerics pay dues to their church if they follow the Trinity and the Church provides training and research facilities, etc.

Typical guild dues equal 5 GP X Level per year. Guild dues are paid throughout the first month of every year. Members receive a small tin or brass token to show they have paid their dues- each year the design and color is unique to cut down on fraud, but obviously, it happens. However, most guilds keep meticulous records at major chapter houses, with a character’s name, description, and the names of at least two personal witnesses, so if it ever comes into question, payment can be proven.

Any character of 8th level or higher can usually retire and find work as a trainer/teacher in their Guild- in this case, dues are waived or discounted for that character.

Verland Guilds and Taxes

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